What is the best age to start playing guitar?

You can start playing guitar at any age.  Kids tend to learn a little more quickly but a program can be designed for people of most ages.  When deciding if your child is old enough to start, you must realize that guitar requires a little bit of dexterity and the ablility to reach around the guitar’s neck and hold the strings against the fret board.  Each child develops at different rates so it is difficult to say what the best age would be.  Also, your child should have the interest and discipline to follow through with the lessons.

Which guitar is best for beginners?

There are many brands of starter guitars and guitar kits available.  Red House Guitar Studio stocks some starter kits to help you along in the beginning.  Starter guitar kits are often basic electric guitars with small practice amplifiers and sometimes include a gear bag.  The low action and softer strings of these starter electric guitars are best for beginners as they are a little easier on the undeveloped fingers.