The smooth, warm bluesy riffs of Jimi Hendrix “Red House,” Eric Clapton’s “Woman Tone,” or the coffee house styles of Jack Johnson, find your sound…


Ever hear of Paul McCartney?  Willie Dixon?  Flea?  Yeah…They were all great bass players.  Find the beat that holds it all together.


Embrace the enchanting sound of the Polynesian culture.


Beautiful and Sophisticated Sound

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” ― Bob Marley

Red House Rehearsal Studio Now Open

Lessons For Your Style

Rock, blues, jazz, country, or just a little of each, developing your style is waiting at Red House Guitar Studio.  No sterile white or grey cubicles here.  Learn in a studio which is eclectically designed to help inspire you to achieve the style of music you desire.

Lessons for Any Age

From youth to adults, Red House Guitar Studio has a program custom fit to develop musical talents for all ages.  A passing song, an event in life, or just a desire for something new can open your mind to music.  Let Red House Guitar Studio take help you build on that moment.  Start today, its never too late, and rarely too early.

Lessons For All Levels

From the first note played to advanced scales and theory, a great musician is always learning.  The experienced staff at Red House Guitar studio will help keep you on track to develop your musical passion.

Red House

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