Bass Guitar Lessons

“Bass guitar is the engine of the band.” ― Suzi Quatro

Beginner Bass Guitar Lessons

Beginner bass guitar lessons start with the fundamentals.  Bass guitar is traditionally about the rhythm but can carry many songs on its own.  Tuning, plucking, fingering, and rhythm is taught with the style of the individual student in mind.  Our talented and formally educated instructors work with each student to develop their style of playing by tapping into the student’s interests.

Weekly private lessons are designed to peak the individual student’s interest and creativity.   Rock, country, jazz,  or blues?  Student’s who learn in the style of their choice will tend to play more often and develop the skills necessary to be proficient and confident.

Intermediate and Advanced Bass Guitar Lessons

Tailored private, weekly lessons will build upon skills developed from previous learning.  Individual skills are assessed, and goals are established to create an individualized program to meet the needs of the intermediate and advance bass player.

Learning is perpetual.  Meet with our formally educated and accomplished staff for a customized learning plan to elevate to a higher level.